All about IAM, CIAM and IAM vs. CIAM

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(Customer) Identity & Access Management 

The topic (customer) Identity Management is becoming increasingly important in the context of advancing digitization - the question of whether or not you need a solution for this is no longer an issue for many companies, but which one should you choose? When it comes to identity management, there are currently two solutions on the market:
IAM (Identity & Access Management) and CIAM (Customer Identity & Access Management). The IAM is aimed more at the internal stakeholders (employees) and the CIAM at the external stakeholders (customers/partners). In our factsheets, we explain the different solutions and compare them against each other.


In these factsheets you will learn:

  • What is Identity & Access Management (IAM)?
  • What is Customer Identity & Access Management (CIAM)?
  • What is the difference between IAM and CIAM and how do they interact?
Factsheets IAM, CIAM, IAM vs. CIAM

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