The complete Zero Trust Guide

In this whitepaper we show you what the Zero Trust approach is and what it has evolved from. You will also learn how cidaas can help you to enforce Zero Trust.

The paradigm shift in IT security

IT has been undergoing a major transformation for some years now. In this process, a paradigm shift in IT security has also taken place, in which previous IT security concepts are increasingly losing their effectiveness and new, promising concepts are coming into play.

In today's world, data is distributed across an almost infinite number of devices, applications, services and people. This creates major problems for a classic enterprise IT architecture and thus also for classic IT security concepts. Since the separation between the internal and external worlds, or IT infrastructure, on which classic IT security concepts were based no longer exists, IT security has also had to be rethought; such rethinking led to the emergence of Zero Trust.

In this whitepaper you will learn:

  • Transformation of the IT security structure - what has changed?
  • What is Zero Trust and why do we need it? 
  • What are the drivers for the Zero Trust approach?
  • Development of the Zero Trust model by Google and Forrester & its core building blocks.
  • How can cidaas help in implementing the Zero Trust approach?

Whitepaper Zero Trust

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